About Us

Barn 2 buyer free range egg production is set in the rural area of Weardale, County Durham in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The farm began in 2013 as a new venture, and our free range egg business has continued to flourish since then.

Free as a Bird!

All our hens are free to roam in the grass lands and tree lines of our land, giving shelter and safety to our birds. A newly planted tree range encourages the birds to venture further afield and forms part of their natural environment.

Our birds have access to an extensive range that also provides cover from air born predators and encourages their natural behaviour.

Barn 2 Buyer is audited regularly by local environment officers, DEFRA egg inspectors and the RSPCA. This ensures that a high standard of bird welfare and egg quality is maintained.


We are credited with being Lion Code and we are RSPCA assured.

We meet all required welfare standards, hygiene levels and traceability.

Salmonella testing and good environmental practices are in place, and these are monitored carefully.

Our Producer Code is   1 UK 22339.